The Wedding of Stone523 and Fluffy9404

Greetings, everyone from the army community.

       On the 27th of December at precisely 4:00 PM EST after the Christmas Chaos Finals, my wedding with the lovely Stone523 shall commence.

>>Server: Fjord<<

>>Room: Fluffy 9404’s Igloo<<


Armies invited:

  • The Nachos
  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Army of the Republic
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Dark Warriors
  • Water Vikings

       If your army is not on the list above, please leave a comment or contact me on chat stating your army name and you will be added A.S.A.P.

       Since this is one of the first homosexual marriages in the history of this community, there will always be someone that will try to prevent it. Therefore, we will need bodyguards. Leave a comment or contact me on chat if you wish to be a bodyguard. Thank you.

Cool Text Fluffy 152058291430242

Prince of Nachonnia

About ⚡»Fʟᴜғғʏ«⚡

Hola! I'm Fluffy 9404, and I've been in the CP Army Community since the Summer of 2014. Many of you probably don't know me because I've stayed in one army my entire career. That army would be the Nachos. If you would like to contact me, I spend most of my time on

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