Power and Fear in Aunt Arctic’s Club Penguin


Nacho Army of Club Penguin

Aunt Arctic’s power and influence makes Rupert Murdoch look tame. Not only is the agony aunt Club Penguin’s sole journalist, she is the director of its only spy organisation. The prospect of a penguin having complete control over the entirety of the intelligence agencies and the media is perhaps the scariest prospect in existence. This is a complete disaster for civil liberties upon the island. It is up to each and every member of Club Penguin to fight for their freedom. There is no doubt of Aunt Arctic’s rule of tyranny, the filters are proof enough that freedom of speech is unwelcome upon the island. Armies are the last bastion of penguin’s freedom of expression.

A pressing issue concerning Aunt Arctic is her name itself. Asides from it implying that she is each and every penguins Aunt -raising questions over the problem of inbreeding on the island- the word ‘Arctic’ shouldn’t even be…

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Hola! I'm Fluffy 9404, and I've been in the CP Army Community since the Summer of 2014. Many of you probably don't know me because I've stayed in one army my entire career. That army would be the Nachos. If you would like to contact me, I spend most of my time on xat.com/NachosHQ

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